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Oprah's Favorite Things

", one of Oprah's favorite organizations, is a site for people all over the world seeking small loans to start their own businesses."

Wired UK

"The numbers involved in the world's biggest crowd- lending marketplace Kiva are impressive on their own…"

The Wall Street Journal

Kiva wins WSJ's Financial Inclusion Challenge for Effectiveness

The New York Times

"Not only are you empowering people who are living in poverty to make meaningful choices for basic human rights, you are also helping children to understand their responsibility to give back to the global community and appreciate the quality of life they enjoy."


"…the Kiva concept will work in America. That brings me to another point. I think we shouldn't have preconceptions about who entrepreneurs are."
- Bill Clinton

The Guardian

"Neither Kiva nor Kiva lenders make any money from the loans they facilitate. Because of this, Kiva is able to partner with groups based on social motive, rather than profit motive."
- Premal Shah, Kiva President

The Christian Science Monitor

"Through Kiva, I’d sent $25 chunks of my own cash toward hundreds of clients like Yvonne all over the world. Curious to see the results, I was now traveling through five continents—from Peru to Bosnia to Kenya to Lebanon to Nepal to Cambodia and beyond—to hear the stories of as many clients as I could."
- Bob Harris, Author 'The International Bank of Bob'

Tech Crunch

"The loans typically back individual economic activity to help alleviate poverty through support for entrepreneurial ventures in places where other sources of funding are hard to come by."

The Huffington Post

"In lieu of a financial profit from the money you lend, you get something that, in my opinion, is more valuable: the chance to make a tangible difference in the world and to impact a stranger's life in a positive, permanent way. Kiva is not about investing money in the traditional sense; it's about using your excess cash to jumpstart a life somewhere else in the world."

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