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Recent posts

“Best Employee Engagement Initiative” — Kiva’s partnership with Visa wins a Gold Halo award

Visa surpassed Kiva’s record in large corporate program participation numbers, reaching 82% global participation, at a time when other companies were struggling to engage their newly remote workforce.

Why donate to Kiva?

If Kiva is all about lending... why do we need your donations? Find out how donating to Kiva advances our mission to expand financial access and help underserved communities thrive.

Kiva announces the sunset of Kiva Protocol

Kiva is ending operations of Kiva Protocol, our initiative to develop digital public infrastructure to advance financial inclusion. 

How microlending makes a positive impact

At Kiva, we see every day how small loans make a big impact on individuals and communities. Here's how microlending has a positive impact around the world.

How much can I donate to charity?

In addition to helping the causes that matter to you, charitable contributions are a savvy way to save money on your taxes. 

How Kiva works: Your FAQs answered

Kiva is a global non-profit organization working to bring financial inclusion to all. Here, we answer your frequently asked questions.

Higher impact: Kiva’s work to incubate small and growing businesses

Around the world, Kiva partners with amazing organizations who are achieving great things within their communities. Jibu is a social enterprise that seeks to address two big challenges: the lack of meaningful economic opportunity and affordable drinking water.

6 successful women entrepreneurs: there’s no ‘small’ in small business

Entrepreneurship brings endless possibilities to communities and cities around the United States. These six women are achieving big things in the world of small business.

3 ways to support entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs create 2 out of every 3 new jobs in the US, and invigorate social change in their communities. Here are 3 ways to support them.

How Kiva is supporting US entrepreneurs (and how you can too)

Small business owners increasingly struggle to access capital. Kiva US aims to solve this problem.

Kiva partnered with Umpqua Bank to crowdfund loans for regional entrepreneurs during Small Business Week

To celebrate Small Business Week, Kiva is excited to announce our partnership with Umpqua Bank.

Meet Malik: a 22-year old refugee with a small cafe and big dreams

For young men like Malik, a small loan can make a huge impact on their future prospects. Read how his loan helped him continue to run his business and resume his studies.